Holier Than Thou

I knew I’d be giving up sweets for Lent, but this year, I randomly added, “don’t touch my face” to my 40-day Lenten sacrifice.

And now, my seemingly simple sacrifice has turned into a worldwide pandemic rule.

I have no choice, but to

play by the rules,

Stay home and don’t touch my face until well beyond Easter.

Sometimes it takes a big wake-up call to realize our choices and actions impact not only ourselves but also others.

And let me tell you from first-hand (don’t touch) experience,

Playing by the rules is the only way to play. When we go off the path, we, more often than not, get lost,

And I really want to play again someday, so let’s play by the rules, stay on the path and stop this pandemic.

Hopefully,  this virus will soon be a thing of our past,

but right here, right now, it’s not a time to act

309A0535“Holier Than Thou”

Smell of Rain

Day 5 Nature Photo Challenge: “Smell of Rain”

Last night I attended Care Fund ‘s Desert Sky Gala,

timed so the guests could witness the desert sunset.

As the sun went down,

the blooming creosote bushes lit up with hues of pink,

drawing my attention to them,

just like how their smell draws my attention when it rains.


“Smell of Rain”

Wise Advice

Along the way, I’ve received a lot of wise photography advice, including

“never let the length of your lens keep you from a shot – just move closer,”

so this morning, instead of making equipment excuses,

I brought a ladder to the shoot.

The mama owl accepted my closer proximity,

the owlets barely cared that I was there,

and ultimately, by being closer,

I felt like we all got to know each other a little better.






“A fool despises good counsel, but a wise man takes it to heart”

– Confucius