Pushing Daisies

“I’d rather be doing this then pushing daisies.”


When we’re complaining about our day-to-day, at times mundane life, let’s stop for a moment and weigh our options –

how about if our only other option was pushing daisies?

The daisies grow on their own – they don’t need pushing,

so it’s a worthless job.

Let’s get on the bright side of the equation while we still have options.

Lucky Dog

For the second consecutive year, I photographed the

HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response, Pacific Southwest Region, Arizona [All-Volunteer] Team.

HOPE-AACR provides comfort and encouragement

through animal-assisted support to individuals affected by crisis and disasters.



serves on the

HOPE-AARC, Pacific Southwest Region, dog/handler team.

Dominated by watchful eyes and compassionate responses,

Lily and her team are responsible for making

so many in need,

lucky dogs.