Rat Race

I don’t know if it’s the days getting shorter, holidays approaching, or something in the water, but I’ve been feeling this feeling:

Everyone seems to be running a race toward something –

We’re all headed in the same direction – people are asking, “where are we headed?” but no one really has the answer to where

Some people are watching on the sidelines, contributing their two cents toward where we should be headed, but mostly,

People are shoving and pushing their way into line, heading toward somewhere, not wanting to be left behind.

The crowd heading somewhere is now larger than life – loud and out of control, hungry and tired and most definitely, lost.

It’s now that I find the set of eyes among the masses that are peaceful and undazed by this chaos.

“Excuse me, please,” and they graciously make room for me to exit.

I step out of the rat race.

Silence, finally. No more pushing, yes. A clear mind, wow!

And a discovery, a reason for, why we get off track.


“Remember…the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you” – Rumi

The Boonies

I took a road that led to I-10, and instead of turning toward the I-10 on-ramp, I took a right onto Riggs Road.  I’d never been on Riggs Road, but I’d heard people say, ‘past Riggs Road,” in conversation.  I knew that meant ‘way south’ and out in the boonies. Maybe Riggs Road would lead me to somewhere cool…

I considered turning back toward the I-10, but I couldn’t find a place to conveniently pull off the road. “Soft Shoulder” warning road signs also kept me eastbound.The traffic on the road was pretty unreal.  Even though it was 5 PM and rush hour in the city, I couldn’t imagine that Riggs Road, way out in the boonies, got this much travel.  Out of nowhere, a speeding, beat-up Honda sedan screamed past my car, going about 90 MPH in a 55 MPH zone.  People out here in the boonies probably make their own speed limits, know where they’re going and want to get there.

After driving about 12 miles east with only scrub brush on either side of the road, I saw a water tower, there’s gotta be a town up ahead where I could turn around or at least navigate with my Google maps to find the quickest way back to the city.  I got to the water tower and the road turned north. I pulled into a parking lot across from the water tower and plugged in my map information.  The shortest way back to the city was to continue through the boonies.

The road to something cool is only a road to nowhere.

Maybe I’ll be able to get back to the city in time to shoot something cool before it gets dark.

Time to get back to the city –

Get me out of the boonies! 

Get me out, that is, until the boonies showed me their cotton fields.








 Putting the brakes on my plans of beelining back to the city,

I decided to watch the sun set over the cotton fields in the boonies.