Lead and Follow

On this cloudy day in Phoenix, I raced home in-between jobs to walk my dog. As we walked, I repeatedly encouraged her to hurry up,

but she insisted on leading, just taking her time – sniffing every shrub, every piece of gravel.

Feeling like I had no choice,

I stopped pushing. I stopped coaxing.

I followed.

By giving in and allowing her to lead, I followed my dog to this  fabulous orchid tree, in full bloom, blocking today’s cloudy skies.

How many times have I led the way along this sidewalk – hurriedly led the way, while missing this place that’s home to this tree?

Too many to count.




 “Let her lead and have the strength to follow.”

It feels great to learn to let go and let someone else lead the way,

especially when that someone is my dog, with a nose better than mine,

who’s able to sniff out the goodness, most definitely, better than me.