Too Cool for School

Asked by her work to mentor tech-aspired, disadvantaged high school students, LCP signed up.  She has two high school junior girls who she is guiding through the college application process.

Today, Saturday,  LCP took the girls on a tour of Stanford University. I don’t know if LCP mentioned to the girls she has a dream of earning her Masters there, but I do know she wanted to share her love of the campus with the girls, hoping to heighten their academic aspirations. LCP has become particularly close to one of the girls.


After the campus tour, LCP texted me:

She is just so precious, so driven and works her butt off –

She helps her parents clean midnight – 5 AM and then goes in early for help in school.

Her dream is Stanford.

It’s my mission now to get her in there hahaha

she’s like I don’t party, I don’t go drinking because nothing good will come of it

and I’m like

the longer you stay uncool, the cooler you will be later.

Mentorship –

When we invest in others, we invest in ourselves –

And that’s


“Too Cool for School!”

Wake up, finish well, and help someone along the way.