Where Nature and Urban Meet

Day 6 Nature Photo Challenge: “Left (part of) My Heart In San Francisco”

With both Logan and Sloane, my daughters, and my dear friend Laura in the Bay,

I have a love for San Francisco.

People question, “don’t the traffic, the parking, the crowdedness bother you?”

and sure, those annoyances can test my stamina and patience,

but to regularly visit such a magical place is a gift.

Amidst the stacked houses and steep streets, I most often find the beauty where nature and urban meet –

IMG_4712“Where Nature and Urban Meet”

An Epic Mother’s Day!

“Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life”

– Albert Einstein, one smart cookie

SKP’s snapchat

Let loose in downtown San Francisco

She usually drives me!



Go Cars don’t have reverse 😆

Crissy Field
IMG_8253 img_2879IMG_8279IMG_8259 IMG_8261 IMG_8282 IMG_8298 IMG_8304

We made it back to the rental place with 1 minute to spare –

every minute matters when you’re a mother!

2:43 PM

1:26 PM

Profile Pic

Sunday morning’s sunshine lit the sunflower on our San Francisco Sabrosa brunch table just right – to a golden state – lighting up its profile like the Golden State Warrior’s color it was set on the tabletop to celebrate, and I thought, what a beautiful “Profile Pic!”