Where Nature and Urban Meet

Day 6 Nature Photo Challenge: “Left (part of) My Heart In San Francisco”

With both Logan and Sloane, my daughters, and my dear friend Laura in the Bay,

I have a love for San Francisco.

People question, “don’t the traffic, the parking, the crowdedness bother you?”

and sure, those annoyances can test my stamina and patience,

but to regularly visit such a magical place is a gift.

Amidst the stacked houses and steep streets, I most often find the beauty where nature and urban meet –

IMG_4712“Where Nature and Urban Meet”

Street Friends

Invited to dinner, she declined since she had a project due Monday morning.

She sent me a photo of her Sunday night work, preparing for the next day –

gift bags for her week day San Francisco “street friends” who she’s come to know on her way to her early morning commute.

Compassion, the achievement that melts this mama’s heart