Making a List, Checking it Twice

It’s Christmastime, and expectedly, children across the world, are making wish lists for Santa.

Sadly, far too many children are not wishing for fire engines, Barbies, PlayStations, iPhones and bicycles.

Instead, all they are wishing for Christmas is a cure – a cure for cancer – and a dream fullfilled – to have their sisters and brothers, who cancer has stolen, back on Earth with them.

What are we earthly Santas to do?

How do we fulfill such lofty dreams and wishes?

We put down our personal lists that we’re checking more often than twice

and make time for a Celebration of Life –

a celebration of lifting children up –

lifting them closer to their loved ones

and lifting us all closer to a cure.









IMG_3640IMG_3619Time stands still for those wishing so intently,

those wishing for miracles.

– Lift them up now –

so they may feel the magic of Christmas

wash over them.

Banner Children’s Hospital’s “Celebration of Life”


Back to the Future

Ah, I’m seven again, chasing Monarchs. I squat down, get my lens so close, take the shot, lose my balance, and roll over backwards. Upside down and staring at the blue sky, I can’t tell you if it’s 1975 or 2014 – the sky’s the same,

and actually, I feel as if I am, too.

It’s time to get home – it’s getting dark – but my mother isn’t calling, neither are my girls –

it’s my choice, hmm, should I stay or should I go?

It’s time to go,

I’ve caught up to what I’m chasing –

a trip back to the future to remind me of who I am.