Listen to Your Art

“Listen to Your Art”

In April I said goodbye to my friend of 25+ years – she left earth exhausted and without words.

The last 7 months I’ve heard and seen the realities of grief – of my own, of those who also love my friend, and of those who have lost a love I didn’t know but have shared their grief with me – Grief and reconciliation and the need for healing are rampant in our world.

Less than a month ago, my daughter asked if I’d travel to Amsterdam with her since no one else had the same work time-off. I texted my German penpal, asking if she’d meet us there, too.

An ocean away yet my penpal responded within minutes, “I’m in.”

Today I went all over Amsterdam with my daughter and lifelong penpal – we went to the Banksy exhibit @mocomuseum , and later in the day, I biked Amsterdam’s streets with my daughter who I taught how to ride a bike; chasing her down a golf course fairway holding onto her bicycle seat, yelling, pedal! go! and with my penpal who as children, we were introduced by our parents – a gazillion letters ago –

Life is fleeting yet friendship is like the light that decided to show up on this #Banksy work of art right while I was taking a closer look –

Present yet sometimes flickering and sometimes seemingly out of reach – True friendship is a two-party contract that stands up to the tests of time; showing up when least expected and in ways, more moving than I, pre-grief, could’ve imagined “I’m in and here to stay. I’m tucked safely within you; securely fastened within your heart right exactly where the real magic lives.”

And listen here – pinkie swear –

We’re taking care of each other’s hearts and art forevermore.


I know deep within my heart that she would’ve liked this if she were alive to “like” my art.

I was listening then, and I’m listening now.

That has not changed.

Why Wait?

“We wait all week for Friday.

We wait all year for summertime.

Why are we waiting? What are we waiting for? The time to make it happen is now.”

-Chrissy, spin instructor

“There are two things I’ve meant to tell you to preserve –

your lips and  your handwriting.” 

– 2017 advice from my mother

If I wait to moisturize and protect, my lips age and wrinkle.

If I wait to use my handwriting in this day and age of typing, my penmanship suffers and fades.

If I wait to launch my dream, the idea stalls and disappears.

If I postpone my dream with lip service, waiting for tomorrow, I’m left with an undeveloped idea.

My mother’s getting older, why would I ever make her wait!


RP Stillworks’ greeting cards –

Professional images on mighty fine card stock

wherein all you have to add is your handwriting –

Show your loved ones, your clients, your prospective bosses, your babysitters, your friends how much you care with a handwritten note – note cards don’t arrive via email to sit in an inbox and wait, instead, they arrive, immediately enhancing a personal space.

Harmony achieved; preserving penmanship and advancing a dream beyond lip service.

Why Wait!?


“That possibility absolutely exists.”

-shopping cart launches on June 22, 2017




“I come from a beautiful country far away. I am the Firebird, and I bring you the blessing of heat. The rays you see shining about my tail are tongues of flame.”

– Firebird

The Native American Story of the Firebird


Antelope Canyon, Navajo Tribal Park, Page, Arizona

Juicy Jones

Sloaner, this morning I had this incredible God Wink! I was thinking, what should Jules and I call the “juicing” that I’m doing for her – I was trying to think of phrases and then this came to me:

First, for her birthday in July, you told me to give Jules the image of the Barcelona bike cart,  “Juicy Jones.” “JJ,” her initials!

Then, Heather admired my travel necklace and asked me to make some in November. When we were making the necklaces, Heather introduced me to juicing. For Christmas, you got me a juicer just in time for me to learn and to start making juice for Jules in January.

All the while, this image advertised what was coming –

God has been at work all this time – setting this up for Jules –

I love you for all your intuition and all your guidance – you’re my bez girl💞

 IMG_5599“Juicy Jones”  – RP Stillworks (2009)

So often, at the time a photograph is taken,

we have no idea its intended delivery-

We cater to the door on which

life knocks

and then juice it for all its worth.

“I’ll Be Back”


Hanging on the exterior wall of an ironwork showroom, she caught my eye.

Immediately drawn to her, I stood and admired the movement of her red dress, the humility in her stance and the strength of her steel frame,

but I turned my back,

“…too much money to spend during the holidays, too big to load in the car and just too impractical.”


Almost a month later


An impromptu trip to Tucson for a mileage promotion, followed by lunch in Tubac, led me back to her.

She was still outside, hanging on the wall. The snow, rain and cold during the time away hadn’t seemed to disturb her.  Although, she’d moved a couple feet down the wall, she hadn’t changed – she still looked as fabulous as ever –

And the best part, she hadn’t allowed herself to be sold.

I admired her again and began to turn my back –

“She’s an early birthday present.”

What?! She gets to come back with us?

The love must’ve been written on my face.

After a cradling in bubble wrap, a manhandling into the car’s backseat, and a ride in a car and up an elevator,

she arrived at her new home.


Thank you for calling me back –

“I felt like yesterday we were back, working again toward something good, together.”