Te Amo

A man stopped at a red light on a one-way street at a Puebla, Mexico intersection and turned on his car’s hazards. Lights blinking on his VW Golf, he began to negotiate, through the car window, with a balloon salesman on the sidewalk.  The light turned green.  He remained parked, blocking a line of traffic trying to move up the street. Horns began to sound, and in unison, the blocked cars’ right blinkers lit up. Annoyed, the trapped drivers tried to maneuver around the stopped VW Golf, stuffed to the gills with adults and young children.

The traffic light turned red and then green again. Finally, the  VW Golf’s driver continued through the intersection, parking out of the line of traffic. The salesman hurriedly escorted his balloon bouquet across the street and over to the parked car. The children in the VW Golf moved to the left side of the car, hanging out the windows, handpicking their favorite balloons.  With each selection, the balloons were deposited into the packed car.  Almost as if the tiny VW Golf had a secret belly, the balloons were swallowed and added as cargo. 1-2-3-4-5-6…

It blew me away – how did it all fit?!

As the thrilled children in the balloon-filled car excitedly chose their balloons and the driver readily paid for and accepted the balloons into his overfed car, I couldn’t help but notice-

the Te Amo balloon, at the top of the balloon bouquet –

out of the sight and reach of the VW Golf’s tiny passengers – it wouldn’t be chosen, yet with each adored balloon’s entrance – Te AmoI love you – seemed to inflate the tiny car.

No wonder there seemed to be endless accommodation in this tiny car – that’s what happens when you welcome love inside.

No blowing horns or hazards here –

Where “love is patient, love is kind,” the possibilites and capacities are endless.

What a breath of fresh air!

img_0098“Te Amo”

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