And I thought Phoenix was hot …

We send our children off to school to learn how to read and to write, but where do they learn how to blend their reading and writing with whom they are?

I believe it’s blended through a whole lot of trust, a coat of confidence and a mix of life experiences –

This morning I received a text,

“idk how i want to write [my blog] it, i might do it more like informative and less like a story because I don’t write that creatively you know” – senoritasloane

my response:

“you are so creative – do this —just start talking, in your voice, with your thoughts – be true to YOUR voice and it will be a masterpiece. A blog is actually for you – don’t worry about others’ critiques – just express yourself with your humor and wit. This is your life – it’s your story to tell”

And she did just that – – – (this mama is crying)

This being my first post, I will preface it with the fact that if you know me well, you know that I am brutally honest, always saying the first thing that comes to my mind, typically with some sort…

Source: And I thought Phoenix was hot …

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