Freaks of Nature

Thank you Gregory Edward Leach for nominating me to participate in the 7 day nature photography challenge. I respect your work so much, so it’s an honor to have an invitation from you!

Day 1 Nature Photo Challenge: “Mesquite Magic,” an oldie, but favorite nature image. My mother discovered this cross in the bark of her neighborhood mesquite tree. After passing it in her car on a daily basis, she asked me to visit the tree to photograph the magic – it reminds me of my mother who’s taught me to document life’s wonders.

“Mesquite Magic”


Day 2 Nature Photo Challenge: “End of the World As We Know It”

This morning I took my 75+ year old parents to the airport to leave for Isreal. I’m reminded of what it was like to travel to South America last April with LCP – two females on our own in an unknown and often dangerous land, but we were able to meet so many good people and to see so many scenes like this ship in the Ushuaia harbor at the southernmost city of the world. It’s tough to face fear, but when we travel, as loving messengers, we open ourselves to the beauty the world has waiting for us.

End of the World As We Know It

There are so many freaks of nature out there – naturally, I’d accept the challenge to expose them!


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