Plate Up!

“We’re stopping just for coffee and tea” –

Art explained to the Boutlettes Larder‘s owner.

Respectfully, the owner forewarned us the restaurant would be closing for a private party, a bridal shower in 30 minutes, but please make ourselves comfortable. We were graciously seated at a long, beautifully finished wooden table with natural linen-covered chairs. An open stainless steel kitchen, immaculately kept, housed a few servers and cooks busily, but quietly, doing their work.  It felt as if we were sitting in a long-time friend’s kitchen. Within minutes, we were offered coffee or tea, and then from behind a curtain, a server brought each of us an individual fruit plate, compliments of the owner, to pair with our coffee and tea.

Simply decadent and so extremely kind –

– never rushed and never hurried –


“Plate Up!”

Fresh from the farm to our table,

 perfectly chopped pineapple, sliced kiwi and blood oranges with two freshly-baked mini poppyseed muffins

plated especially for us,

magically transporting us from our table to the farm within minutes

and beautifully fueling us

for our day.

Simply perfection, Boulettes Larder!

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