We know the drill –

We’ve either been de-friended or have done the de-friending.

Initially, it feels kind of bad, we ask ourselves, should I or why? or we ask, what did we do?

But usually, after it’s been done, de-friending is necessary and freeing.

Wouldn’t it be great if it were this easy to shut out negative energy – to push a button and no longer have to interact with roadblocks, distractions, whining and excuses?

The first thing I’d de-friend is fear –

I ask myself, am I courageous enough to rid fear’s uselessness from my life?

It’s a conscious decision to push the button, to de-friend what I currently know, but I can’t help but imagine the possibilities – how beautiful life would be

if I de-friended fear and lightened my load.


De-friending Fear

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