Sticks & Stones

How do you protect someone you love from a sadist, a person who actually finds pleasure, and often gets a thrill, from inflicting pain onto another?

A cause and effect of deceit and back-stabbing: deeply rooted pain that’s pulled from within and cast upon another, hoping to lessen personal pain but infecting the world with hurt, anguish and hate.


Anxiously, but excitedly, she headed to her 2nd rotation of her new job. Taking a bus, making a transfer, and walking into a new, unfamiliar territory, she received a text from her long-time, hometown friend.  He sent a her an Instagram image, directed at her, that had been posted by a high school mutual friend. Thinking she’d probably already seen the image, her friend asked, are you ok? She hadn’t seen the image, but she was grateful her friend had cautioned her before she stumbled upon the cutting Instagram post on her own. She’d be ok, but this was a blow.

Choosing to purposefully hurt an unsuspecting, so-called friend, really?

Friend, a word that’s almost as overused as the word, amazing.

There is nothing amazing about inflicting pain on others, especially friends.

To knowingly stab another in the back is not amazing, and most definitely, an inflictor, is not a friend.



We see the decoys, the pretenders who aimlessly float out there, trying to trick us into believing they are real.

Sadly, but true, we have to protect each other from sadists who try to destroy our worlds. We’ve got to duck to avoid their blows.

Acknowledging the pain, but banning the pain and hatred from finding a place within us, we survive.

Soothing our wounds with love, we move on.


Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me,

and intentionally inflicting pain on me will cut deeply,

but love will always heal me.


If we can’t say something nice, then let’s not say anything at all.


Don’t let anyone extinguish your light.

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