Feeling the Possibilities

“We chose these two, because, partly, they just felt right, they somehow,

not from a tactile point of view, but just emotionally,

this felt like a good, a good size…”

“This is the tip of the iceberg – because we’ve found that different textures

considerably impact your perception of the object, of the product –

what it’s like to hold, what it’s like to feel…”

“That possibility absolutely exists –

one of the things that characterizes the way that we work

is that our heads tend to be down on these tables, worrying about what we’re doing,

and our heads don’t tend to be up, looking around at what we’ve achieved –

and we’re more aware of the distance between us

and the perfection we are chasing”

Jony Ive,

Chief Design Officer, Apple, Inc.


The possibilities are in our hands.

🎉Happy 2016!🎉

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