When the Waves Come Crashing In

I began my solo San Francisco photography trek at 7 AM and finished at 6 PM. It was a day I’ll never soon forget. Incredible. When I got back to my room, I began processing the day’s images. Mid edit, I received a phone call from JJJ, who’s been admitted to the hospital with pneumonia, complicated by lung cancer. I posted this image to my Instagram account, titling it,   “When the Waves Come Crashing In”

After posting, the image was selected by San Francisco | Official Guide’s

Visitors’ Photos of the Day

“Our last visitor photo of the day comes from Rachel (@rpstillworks), who is visiting form Phoenix, but could quite possibly be living here now that San Francisco dominates her feed. We don’t blame her, this city does that to your grid (which you should go check out and report back with your thoughts). Tag your photos with #AlwaysSF to be feature on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.”

The San Francisco Official Guide pegged that I now consider San Francisco a second home,

but they have no way of knowing that my featured image was titled for my friend from my real home, Phoenix, and image “accolades” were the furthest thing from mind –

it was titled in honor of JJJ as I tried to find balance between the waves of the day’s contentment and waves of my friend’s health concerns

The waves rolled, one right after the other, into my life yesterday in almost seamless fashion.

We’re just doing our thing, rolling along, finding peace, and then wham! we get hit when the waves come crashing in,

We have no choice but to roll with them,

looking for hope,

– celebrating the good –

and not forgetting to breathe.

*hoping for my friend’s breathing and her lungs to heal*

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