Off the Hook!

The days when we have only our camera phones –

we have to accept these days and make the most of them.

This morning I had only my iPhone camera to photograph this Fish Hook Barrel Cactus’ bloom.

In the old days, our phones didn’t have cameras and our phones didn’t operate unless the receiver was hung on a hook.

If we left a phone off the hook, the phone sounded busy signals and eventually lost its dial tone.

Off the hook, the phone was useless –

In those days,

Being off the hook was bad.

Now days our phones are off the hook non-stop,

ready and available to multi-task,

taking pictures whenever and pretty much wherever we’d like.

These days when we describe something as being, off the hook,

it’s good.

This Fish Hook Barrel Cactus’ blossom


IMG_9587“Off the Hook!”  

However, the bloom will soon be ancient history –

just like old phones.

Those of us who’ve witnessed change

realize change isn’t bad –

Change forces us to hang up old, worn-out ways

that soon will be ancient history and to stop making excuses.

Let’s answer the call by letting the old

off the hook

and by blossoming today.

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