Lost in Transfixing

My favorite two of Di Fruschia’s Ten Quick Tips for Better Landscape Photography:

8.     Foreground Element:  If you study my images you will obviously see that I am a big fan of strong foregrounds. I feel that it pulls the viewer right into the shot and create a great sense of depth. Please Note: This is what I personally prefer and it is always up to you to develop your own vision and creations. See what moves you and go that direction.

10.  Have fun and  Enjoy Last but not least, HAVE FUN. Don’t do it if you don’t feel like it, don’t do it to impress others or to get praises Do it for you and for the feeling it procures. If you are in total harmony with yourself, you will subconsciously render that feeling of happiness, peace and joy into your photographs and be eventually recognized for that. 

In my own work, I’ve found that my best [personal favorite] images happen

when I shut out the noise around me and move toward

what I’d like to keep alive

without all the voices inside my head telling me

all the reasons why or why not…

My personal best comes when I become transfixed in a vision,

use my mind and equipment as best I can to capture the vision,

and as with this shot, walk away and be told that I’m quite the vision

— with my pant legs covered in burrs —

A casualty of being lost in transfixing!

 “Lost in Transfixing”

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