Out of Nowhere in the Middle of Nowhere

We left Canyon de Chelly, headed to Telluride, Colorado.  About an hour behind schedule, we googled “quickest route” so we wouldn’t be too late for our friends who were hosting us.

The quickest route took us on a twisting highway through the desolate northeastern Arizona’s Navajo Nation.  As dark, monsoon clouds formed, we drove on Indian Highway 13, following a truck for a moment, but then later, seeing no one. We approached a mountainous wall of red rock, as rain began to fall.  The red rock formations were spectacular and quickly turned to grey rock and forest as we climbed the windy road.  Reaching the summit, we could see the valley below – plains expanding endlessly out to nowhere. We marveled at the clouds and rain that pelted the plains. The view, seemingly only for us, caused us to slow down, and thankfully so, since we then got the view of a lifetime –

Here, in the middle of nowhere, sheep, some with bells dangling from their necks,  had arrived out of nowhere, with a puppy trotting behind them.








Google’s quickest route, routing us to the middle of nowhere, but leading us to an extraordinary somewhere.



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