Benefit of the Doubt

“Maybe you’re standing on the side of a cliff, stuck on if; wondering,

Can I entrust myself to him? Can I commit myself even though I doubt?

If I take a leap, will he catch me?”

When vacationing on Anguilla, I partook in a rare recreation for me.

I read a book.

Coincidentally, the book, Faith & Doubt, by John Ortberg, led me to a place, like Anguilla; a place where tranquility allows me to explore my doubts and where familiarity and comfort permit me to see the beauty derived from my faith. It’s a leap of faith to give something or someone the benefit of the doubt – to decide to believe, even though we’re not sure that what is being said or being done is true.

It’s a decision to have faith,

and through my faith, ultimately,  I’m able to see beyond the cliffs

and to accept

without a doubt, I should read more often; not for only recreation, but also for purpose.


“Beyond The Doubt”

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