In A New York Minute – Create Your Own Sunshine

During early morning sunshine, we flew out of Phoenix toward Atlanta, Georgia, with its late afternoon storms.  We took off from Atlanta in a American Airlines Eagle jet, up into a thunderstorm and then northeast to La Guardia, landing in a rainy New York City.

We took a cab to our hotel, through the fog, and called it a night.

The next day, with sunshine, we hit Soho, Times Square, Radio City, Rockefeller Plaza, and then, during evening’s darkening skies, we took a 50 minute train ride to JFK Airport to catch our 9:30 PM flight to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A whirlwind, day and night, but we made the most of our 23 hour layover –

We now appreciate all that can be done in a New York minute and now know it’s up to us to create our own sunshine…

New York at Night
Soho Fruit Stand
Freedom Tower
Times Square
Radio City Music Hall
NYC Sightseeing
The Rock
Rockefeller Center
Titan Atlas
Life Lessons on 5th Avenue

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