Home Invasion

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

“I have an appointment at noon at Mayo, but I’d like to see you this afternoon.” – you’re welcome to come in!

Going about my day, I don’t hear from Jules.  Then, at 3:45 PM, I get a text, “I’ll be home in 20 minutes.” you can come right in!

I text her when I leave my office. You tell me when? It’s on your terms.

I arrive at Jules’ house, and the door is slightly opened – you can’t just walk in there, uninvited, through a closed door!

oh, but the door is propped open – I walk into the doorway, and Jules is standing in the front hallway. Infuriated!

“Mayo called with the results from today’s CTscan.  They found a blood clot in my lung, so I have to go back to Mayo – to the ER -and then learn how to give myself a shot of blood thinning meds twice a day.  I’m so infuriated.” – you can’t just invade me like this!

Our day-long desire to see each other was robbed, cut to a mere 5 minute face-to-face, as I watched Jules throw her arms up in the air and condemn her body’s invader,

“I’m sick of this –  – – this now?? why?” – I’m pressing all my weight against the door – I have slammed the door, but it keeps beating to get in – I thought you left, but now you’re back, pounding, trying to enter without my permission!


You have to go, Rache, I’ve been invaded, and even together, with all our combined muscle, we can’t close the door.


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