Every Meal Matters

New Year’s Eve – a night to celebrate a new beginning, to maybe make resolutions and to toast to happiness!

I’ve done the NYC Times Square celebration TWICE, and it rocks!

However, after my first NYE in NYC, I’ve never really been the same –

If I’m not there, I’d rather be where I’m enjoying

the moment with a few friends or family, having a quiet, expectation-free celebration.

For the eve of 2015,  Jules, who coined the phrase, “Every Meal Matters,” asked us to dinner at her house.  She’d make dinner, probably filet, and asked me to bring only an appetizer.

Plans fell through last minute for LCP, so I asked Jules if it’d be OK for her to join us for dinner –

Without hesitation, Jules welcomed the extra mouth to feed and set another place at the table.

On the way to dinner, LCP said,

“bring your camera!”

ugh, It’s always such a hassle!

“Just bring it without the bag and put the flash on it – we’re going to need photos.”

OK, deal. It matters.


We took photos before sitting down to our surprise LOBSTER tail dinner!


Jules had pulled out all the stops and surprised us with a food night to remember!

It wasn’t the hoopla of Times Square, where every second toward midnight matters,


but it was the celebration of “Every Meal Matters.” 



It’s the who not just the what and where in the motto, Every Meal Matters, every day of the year,

so I’ve made my phone wallpaper a photo from the night when I listened to the suggestion, “take your camera…every moment matters.”

It’s now a constant reminder of who made us lobster on NYE, who got diagnosed with lung cancer 17 days later, and WHO really matters.


It is us, who are by your side, not just on New Year’s Eve, but every day.

It is my 2015 resolution that

“Every Minute Matters.”




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