“I’ll Be Back”


Hanging on the exterior wall of an ironwork showroom, she caught my eye.

Immediately drawn to her, I stood and admired the movement of her red dress, the humility in her stance and the strength of her steel frame,

but I turned my back,

“…too much money to spend during the holidays, too big to load in the car and just too impractical.”


Almost a month later


An impromptu trip to Tucson for a mileage promotion, followed by lunch in Tubac, led me back to her.

She was still outside, hanging on the wall. The snow, rain and cold during the time away hadn’t seemed to disturb her.  Although, she’d moved a couple feet down the wall, she hadn’t changed – she still looked as fabulous as ever –

And the best part, she hadn’t allowed herself to be sold.

I admired her again and began to turn my back –

“She’s an early birthday present.”

What?! She gets to come back with us?

The love must’ve been written on my face.

After a cradling in bubble wrap, a manhandling into the car’s backseat, and a ride in a car and up an elevator,

she arrived at her new home.


Thank you for calling me back –

“I felt like yesterday we were back, working again toward something good, together.”




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