Lima Driveby

We flew from Phoenix to Dallas and Dallas to Lima, arriving after midnight. We were picked up @ the Lima airport by the man who rented us rooms in his B & B.  The Lima airport surrounding area hadn’t been highly recommended, but an early flight the following morning from Lima to Cusco, Perù, made it necessary to spend the night close to the airport.

The B & B owner waited for us at baggage claim and then drove us to his two-story house, situated across the street from a park. “Lima’s weather is pretty much overcast every single day,” replayed in my head as the car drove me through streets lined with trash, boarded-up buildings, stray dogs, and dead vegetation. The night was foggy – downright gloomy. The street lights were far and few between, but where illuminated, the light cast an eery impression. Gray, cool and worn. We pulled up to a stuccoed wall – a wall lined with multiple garage doors and gates.  The driver/owner graciously helped us unload our bags, unlocked the gate, and gave us a tour of our space on the first floor of his home. The owner occupies the top floor and rents the bottom floor to travelers. He showed us the kitchen cabinet housing water bottles, and then disappeared upstairs.

The owner’s kind spirit and clean, secure B & B contrasted with the eeriness of the outside.

I grabbed a water bottle from the cabinet and used its water to brush my teeth and to swallow a Diamox (high altitude helper.)

With this first impression, I couldn’t help but wonder – who would we meet along the way in Perù? Where have I traveled?

The gloominess of this night would not continue.

Perù’s true colors were to about to be revealed,

but it’d have to wait until morning…


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