Phoenix Public Library celebrates the first day of summer and the longest day of the year Saturday, June 21 at Burton Barr Central Library.

The architect Will Bruder talks about the unique building features that create a visual effect of light and shadow across the walls. At the exact moment of solar noon, sunlight illuminates the room’s tapered columns through the skylights located immediately above them.

Architect Will Bruder had a vision when he designed the Burton Barr Central Library.  His vision involved the sun and its position at solar noon on the summer solstice.

Today I witnessed Bruder’s art come to life as the sun’s light, at solar noon (12:29 PM), crept down the concrete walls of the library’s 5th floor, beginning on the western wall and then finishing on the eastern wall.

Celebrating vision, light and art today, the longest day of the year.


IMG_8185 IMG_8190




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